"Other people are not medicine."

- It took me 9 years to figure that out  (via l-eer)

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"it seems like a hundred years have passed since the last time we were talking happily and i don’t want to miss you but i find myself catching myself when i’m about to say your name like when someone says something that reminds me of you it drives me crazy i’ll be driving and all i think about is how i remember telling you i was learning how to when i first started and wouldn’t it be crazy if someday the car goes into a fucking ditch because when i’m supposed to be maintaining a legal speed and calculating how much time i’d need to brake safely i’m adding up all the times i thought we were right for each other and dividing them by the way we fell apart and i see equals equals equals a big fucking mess that you chose to walk away from"

- Kayla Kathawa - i’ve already crashed and i didn’t need a car to do it (via ninakathawa)

(via ninakathawa)

"The word suicide tastes better than your name,
I hope you remember me when you finally go insane.
I hope the demons that you put inside my brain
come back to haunt you every time it rains."

- Kayla Kathawa (via ninakathawa)

(via ninakathawa)

"You’re not my first love but you’re
the first I’ve loved like this. I
wonder if everything before you
was just practice, like stretching
my arms out so I could hold you
better. You’re like a song I’ve
heard before, but never at full
volume; you’re the end chorus
with all the instruments in."

- anne, it was all building up to this (via anneisrestless)